5 Cautions to Heed When Starting an Online Home Business

Entrepreneurs by their very nature are cautionless or at the very least risk-takers when it comes to trying something new. They are willing to put it all on the line and lose it all if need be but for them the reward far outweighs the risk.

When we start anything new there is an intrinsic risk because of the word “new”. It is uncharted territory. It is a day of discovery. And while we might have some frame of reference for this new field, we have not yet been there before.

Hence we need a little caution. At least enough caution to not dampen our enthusiasm but to give us good view of what we are getting ourselves into. After all, it is a new venture. Some would like to turn it into an “adventure”. I’ve heard a definition of adventure as, “starting on a journey not knowing how it will turn out.”

Be that as it may “forewarned is forearmed” and I would like to put forth 5 cautions that hopefully will not dampen your entrepreneurial spirit but might just refine it a bit:

1. With whom will you be associating? Are they experienced, approachable, humble or are they feeding your malnourished sense of greed with outlandish promises and projections rather than encouraging your dreams may come true with hard work on your part?

2. Are you realistic about cause and effect, sowing and reaping? In the internet business it is those who persevere that win. If you believe the hype that you can make a full-time income in less than a month you deserve the broken dreams that follow. Commit to the tasks at hand and they will pay off in time. When your residual income meets and exceeds your current work income you can make a decision at that time whether to quit or not. At least then the choice will be yours.

3. Not everything is as it seems. Flash and splash have conquered many a soul. Do your research. Google is your friend. Don’t believe EVERYTHING you read but weigh the positives against the negatives. At the end of the day the risk is yours, not the company you are investing in.

4. Be careful of proprietary information you have to pay for. There is a trend in internet marketing these days from those who know what they are doing to give away information (E-Books). If you have to pay for information to succeed you are wasting your dollars when there is so much available at no cost.

5. Is this really what you want to do, with what you will have your name and reputation associated? Are you prepared for the derisive comments from the non-risk takers? If you have thought that part of it through and can still commit then by all means do.

Some people view cautions as roadblocks. I view them as road signs, pointing the direction to where I’m supposed to go because whoever put up those signs has been where I have not and has some priceless information for me.

Why don’t you join me on this journey?

Dan Thiessen
[email protected]