How Do I Start My Online Home Business? Finding a Solution to a Common Problem

A Question I have been often asked is, “How do I start an online business from home?”

There is a lot of confusing information out there and some very good marketing programs which unfortunately are aimed just too high for the very beginner. More and more people are looking to the internet as a way of solving some of their problems, such as, how can I replace my income, or how can I provide for my retirement as pensions get eaten away? I want to offer a solution.

The problem

Conventional business usually has well defined methods requiring a well defined set of tools. Training for these is provided in a way that the specific methods can be duplicated. Most people in employment follow the rules and only a very few push the boundaries to develop the rules further. Solutions to problems have already been addressed.

The Internet Marketing Industry is somewhat different. Although the basic methods of running a business are the same as any other business, the methods of starting and marketing can be very different and confusing to the raw beginner. The market is worldwide and open. So how can I get to that market?

Finding a solution

I want to share a solution, not a suggestion. Suggestions are formulated by experts, solutions are found by people who have had the same problems. My solution was to find a marketing program which solved my problem. How to start effectively and how not to waste time and money?

It had to be truly targeted to the beginner and lead me through the basic steps of successful marketing. I was not interested in all the different marketing approaches, that could come later. I was not expecting to be handed anything on a plate as I knew that I had to put energy and money and time into learning. I needed that time to develop and grow my business. I could not though go spending money buying fast fix systems. Everyone was telling me that all the established systems no longer worked and only their system worked. Pretty scary stuff.

I found my system and solution. It is to work within a successful team, lead by a successful mentor. Follow that system until I had the confidence and knowledge and the look at some complimentary systems. If these work I can then feed my experience back into the team. We all than benefit from each other’s experience. I can thoroughly recommend this system, it works.

I found a product which provided me with all the training resources I needed and a mentoring team who could teach me how and when to use these tools. A winning combination.